1    The prizes shall consist of Trophies & Certificates.  Winners of trophies may have their names engraved on them, but at their own expense.  Only First, Second & Third positions will be announced, but all performers will receive their grades & adjudicator's comments.  No trophy will be awarded for a performance below moderate grade.

2    A qualified accompanist will be available if requested on Entry Form, but any team may bring its own accompanist.   It is courteous to inform the Official Accompanist before a class commences if his/her services are not required.

3    Performers may not offer the same piece in more than one class.

4    Time limits must be strictly observed. If performers exceed the time limit the Adjudicator may exclude them from a placing.

5    Once an entry has been accepted in a duet class, any change of partnership must be notified to the Secretary.

6    No person shall compete in more than one choir or ensemble in the same class except where the syllabus specifically states that this is allowed.

7    Age limits for Junior Classes refer to the age attained by the date of the Festival. Ages should be given, but in the case of groups & choirs, teachers' guarantees are sufficient.   A junior performer entering an Open Class must pay the Open fee.

8    Admission:  Performers & accompanists free.

9     No tape recorders, video cameras, still cameras, mobile phones or other recording equipment are to be used during the Festival.

10   Any query should be referred at once to one of the Festival officials.

11   The Committee reserve the right to appoint replacement or additional Adjudicators & accompanists.

12   OWN CHOICE PIECES   Adjudicator's copies of ALL own choice pieces will be required for ALL classes. These will also be required for the set pieces in classes V8, V9, V12 & V13.

13   Performers are reminded that it is illegal to photocopy (or copy by any other means) works which are copyright, without the permission of the copyright holder.  The Festival &/or the Adjudicator may refuse photocopied items where the performer cannot produce proof of permission to copy.

NB: The Music Publishers Association has issued a revised Code Of  Practice on copying copyright works & the following concession is made for copying own choice pieces from volumes only for the adjudicator.  Other items must not be photocopied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case.

"When an Own Choice Work is selected from a publication containing several different works & which is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of an adjudicator at a competition or festival provided that the performer or participant has already purchased his/her own copy & that the copy made is retained & destroyed by the Administrator of the Competition or Festival immediately after the event.   This permission specifically does not apply to set works".

Performers are advised that this permission applies only to copyright holders who are Members of The Music Publishers Association (listed at the back of the Code of Practice leaflet, obtainable from the Association at 103 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6QX.).   Single copies of items may not be photocopied without the prior permission of the copyright holder.  The permission does not apply to making copies for the Accompanist, who should always be given a printed copy from which to work.  Photocopies for the Adjudicator must be totally legible, or they may be refused.

14   TROPHIES must be returned no later than 1st February.  Details of return arrangements will be included with the trophy.

15   Please note that we keep two lists of names & addresses - a mailing list used to send out the syllabus to previous entrants and a list of current entrants to enable us to produce the programme.   The latter is destroyed after the Festival each year.   If you do not wish to have your name on these lists, please contact Hilary Robson.


THE TYNEDALE ARTS COUNCIL TROPHY will be awarded for the most outstanding solo musical performance in a Junior Class, vocal or instrumental, on the recommendation of the Adjudicator.

THE HEXHAM ROTARY CUP will be awarded for the best Junior Group performance of the Festival, on the recommendation of the Adjudicator.

THE MRS. J.E. RYLANCE MEMORIAL TROPHY may be awarded for the most entertaining solo performance at 16 years & under in any Class, on the recommendation of the Adjudicator.

THE EUROPEAN PIANO TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (UK) CUP will be awarded on the recommendation of the Adjudicator to the most promising pianist (18 years & under) of the Festival.

THE PRESIDENT'S CUP will be awarded for the most outstanding junior brass solo performance on the recommendation of the Adjudicator.

THE MARY ARMSTRONG CUP will be awarded for the most promising vocalist under the age of 25 years on the recommendation of the adjudicator.



OUTSTANDING:   An exceptional performance, both technically & artistically.

DISTINCTION:      An excellent performance technically & artistically.

COMMENDED:     A convincing performance technically & artistically.

MERIT:                   A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation &/or technical ability.

MODERATE:         A performance showing development of technique &/or communication.

FAIR:                       A performance limited in its communication.