Tynedale Music Festival


The Syllabus for the 2018 Festival is available here.


The dates for the 2018 festival will be

    Saturday 10 March

    Friday      16 March

    Saturday 17 March


The closing date for entries is

    12 January 2018

An Entry Form that you can print is available here

If you use MSOffice, there is a version of the Entry form that can be completed on the computer. It can then be printed and sent by post or attached to an email and returned to tynedalemusic@gmail.com. This form is available here.


Photos from the 2017 and previous Festivals are available on our facebook site.

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If you are not a facebook user

- you do not need to enter your email address, telephone number or password

- you do not need to log in or sign up

- you can simply view, download and share the photos and other information there.


If you are already a facebook user you may wish to add tynedalemusic to your linked accounts so that you will also receive new postings about our Festival as they happen.






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Please keep in touch with the Festival through this website. Write to us with your questions and comments - we are always happy to hear from you.

For further information please contact Hilary Robson,

Tel: 01434 604996,