For more than 100 years, during March each year, the Tynedale Music Festival has produced a feast of music for the people of Tynedale.

The Festival is based in Hexham, Northumberland and it provides a platform for musicians from all parts of the north of England where they can demonstrate their talents and enjoy the pleasure of playing to a live audience.

Musicians of all interests - young and old; beginners and concert level; vocal and instrumental; classical and folk - present their best performances.

In addition they perform to an audience including professional adjudicators who make helpful comments and suggestions as to how to improve their skills and they are able to compare themselves to musicians with similar interests. The performers reaching the highest standards in each class are awarded trophies and certificates.

The Tynedale Music Festival is a non profit making event and is organised and delivered by a group of volunteers who are passionate about music and who freely give their time without payment.

Entries to the Festival are accepted from the beginning of September until the closing date in January.

This website includes all the information you will require to make an entry for the Festival including an entry form which you can download and print and a syllabus which you can download and then print the relevant pages. Unfortunately we cannot yet accept online entries.

Members of the public are welcome to join the audience during the Festival by paying an entry fee at the door.

To achieve a successful Festival requires the organisational skills of many people working up to 9-10 months in the year. We are very thankful to our team of members and officers led by their hardworking Secretary who produce the Festival. All members of our committee and stewards provide their services without any remuneration.

We are also indebted to our loyal patrons, music teachers and above all our performers, without whom the Festival would not exist. We look forward to five days of music spread over three weeks.

The Festival is provided under the auspices of the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music Dance and Speech


Tynedale Music Festival