Tynedale Music Festival has closed

At an extraordinary meeting of the Tynedale Music Festival Committee on September 12th 2018, the future of the Festival was considered.

It was decided reluctantly that, for financial reasons, the Festival could not continue to function and its activities would cease from October 1st, 2018. 

This was a difficult decision after the Festival has provided a service to musicians in the Tynedale region for 115 years.

There has been an ever increasing level of costs - particularly the costs of payments for the hire of premises; payments to adjudicators; payments to accompanists - together with a decrease in income from the falling number of entries as young people turn to other activities.

We are grateful for the income from our patronsí annual donations; local companiesí advertisements and the generous work given freely by the committee and assistants.

We also thank our teachers and performers who have given us support over many years by making entries to our festivals and then celebrating their success.

Sadly, for several years the balance of costs against income has been a concern and now there is no foreseeable way forward.


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